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PU Storage Saddle
Release time:2019-03-11   View times:912
Polyurethane coil storage floor saddle and polyurethane coil storage floor pad from Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd. are an economical and efficient option for storing coils either metal or paper ones on the floor.Our saddles and pads are made of optimum polyurethane from well known companies in the world.The PU saddles and PU pads are lightweight and mobile. Many profiles, widths and lengths are available to meet specific requirements, including custom applications.
The superior polyurethane used has following advantages. 
Rubber elasticity,Metal toughness and durability and Plastic shape and color flexibility
Broad range of adjustable hardness
Corrosion resistant
Abrasion resistant
Oil and solvent resistant
Load bearing capacity
Tear resistant
Excellent noise abatement properties
Ageing resistant

So the highlights of polyurethane coil storage floor saddles for coil storage and polyurethane coil storage floor pads from Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co.,Ltd. are listed as below:
Increased coil storage capacity
Decreased coil damage
Improved safety
Clean, organized coil storage
Water and oil resistant
No moisture absorption
Reduced cost, maintenance-free
Easily identify coil location