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Established in 2007,Yantai Zhengyuan Polyurethane Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, production and sales of polyurethane elastomer. With the advanced polyurethane products producing equipment in China and a group of professional and technical personnel engaged in polyurethane industry for many years, our company can design and manufacture various polyurethane products of high-precision  by good material, perfect processing and advanced formula according to customer's need.

Our company began to invest in the pneumatic components industry in 2010 and has a complete line of producing and testing facilities.

Adhering to the business philosophy of “ the quality wins the market and the honesty molds the brand ”, our company has won the approval and praise from both the domestic users and the overseas buyers especially in North America and Europe to whom our products are exported.

our main products are PU casting products,PU pneumatic tubes,plastic injected products and pneumatic components,such as  Pneumatic Connector, Pneumatic Tool,Pneumatic Tube, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Spider coupling Insert, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Bar, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Belt, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Block,Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Cable Cover, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Anti-slip Mat,Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Coated Bushing, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Wheel, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Coated Roller,Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Coated Irregular Part, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Scraper, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Seal Ring , Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Dewatering Screen, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Vibration Sieve, Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Grinding Container,Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Hydro-cyclone,Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Pipeline Pig,Polyurethane (Urethane,PU) Shock Absorber etc.